zeean [ziːn]

Collecting data for a sustainable and stable world

Zeean is a community effort to generate a heterogeneous open-source database of the global economic network at high regional and sectoral detail

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07/26/2016: The response to the recent interpellation was published by the German Federal Government and covered by the major news outlet Spiegel Online

07/19/2016: Blog post on the interplay of globalization, global warming and the vulnerability of the economy at the World Economic Forum

07/06/2016: Following our recent paper, the fraction of the Green Party of German Bundestag issued an interpellation on the resillience of the German economy

06/10/2016: Globalization made economic production more vulnerable to climate change (press release)

06/2016: First results of our data refinement will be show cased at Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

03/2016: We updated our database to now include economic data until 2013

01/28/2016 Prof. Levermann participated at the Energy Politics Breakfast

11/26/2015: [zi:n] is now listed at the German cititzen science platform Bürger schaffen Wissen

11/12/2015: Prof. Levermann talked at the German Federal Foreign office about the impact of climate change on world trade

03/09/2015: Presentation of [ziːn] results to Brazilian Industry.

07/07/2015: Presentation of [ziːn] results at Our Common Future under Climate Change - CFCC 2015 in Paris, France

15/02/2015: Paper on disaggregation algorithm published

28/11/2014: First result based on [zi:n] presented to international companies.

23/11/2014: A dynamic model of economic damage propagation in the case of production failure (Part 2): based on [zi:n].

21/11/2014: Climate-change damage-propagation: Basic formulation of a model of the global supply network (Part 1) based on [zi:n].

04/11/2014: First results based on [zi:n] presented at German Parliament "Bundestag"

17/09/2014: [zi:n] featured in new Special Report "Climate Protection as a World Citizen Movement" by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (2014).

17/09/2014: zeean participates in kick-off meeting of the citizen science initiative "Bürger schaffen Wissen" in Leipzig, Germany.

30/07/2014: Article featuring [zi:n] as a crowdsourcing risk management tool.

28/05/2014: Nature CC article by US Army Corps of Engineers highlighting the importance of resilience against future climatic extremes.

19/05/2014: E&T magazine article on global supply chains.

07/05/2014: Presentation of zeean at the re:publica 14.

22/04/2014: Export your visualization as a PDF or PNG file.

04/04/2014: German Article on zeean in Big Data Blog.

26/03/2014: Explaining zeean: detailed audio interview with climate resilience network

10/03/2014: Blog article on zeean in Beautiful Data.

17/02/2014: New network measure "Flow Centrality" in visualization.