Bridging the Gap Between Fundamental Research and Practical Application

The Zeean project is a VIP+ project financed by BMBF in an effort to validate innoviation potentials. VDI/VDE serves as the project sponsor and the purpose is to advance findings from fundamental research with high innovation potential and thus to put the research into practical application. Since the launch in September 2017, we have three years to develop the first demonstrator of our tool and to validate the technical feasibility and the marketability of Zeean. After completion of the project and upon positive validation, follow-up financing for the development of market-ready application is planned.

From Research to Innovation

Zeean is currently being developed at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in the research group Global Adaptation Strategies. The original underlying idea was to develop a model that is capable of modeling the impacts of climate change on the global supply chain network. Many years of intensive work on the Acclimate model has shown, however, that the potential for the research is far greater than initially expected and that a possibly commercial application of the model should definitely be pursued and validated.