How can I contribute to the zeean database?

As a registered user you can help to improve, specify and complete the zeean database by entering information about monetary flows between different sectors and/or regions or GDP data. You can provide a single input or a list of data entries. Our input mask will help you to easily insert your data. If you need further help, you may find useful answers in this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or helpful suggestions.

Can I contribute to zeean without registration?

No. As we are aiming at a high level of credibility everyone has to register as a user before she or he can participate.

Can I also contribute to zeean if I am not aware of any economic flow?

Yes, in this case your participation is also highly appreciated! You can then try to find suitable information browsing websites of national statistic agencies, institutes, firms and the like. Wikipedia, for example, holds data on GDP.

Types of data

Which kind of data can I share?

You can share every kind of data that reveals economic activity between different regions and sectors. This can be an interregional or a domestic flow as well as a GDP information. As our database should be as comprehensive as possible please enter the most precise information available. The data input has to be denoted in US$ per year.

What is an interregional flow?

An interregional flow is an economic activity that takes place between different regions. It can be an import or an export but it can also be a particular flow from one sector in one region to the same or another sector in another region.

What is final consumtion?

A final consumption denotes a flow from a regional sector to a government or to households in the same or in another region where it is actually consumed and not further processed or traded.

What is a domestic flow?

A domestic flow is an economic flow between two sectors within one region.

What is GDP?

GDP is an abbreviation for Gross Domestic Product. It denotes the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a year.

Data input

What do I have to keep in mind when entering an economic flow?

Your flow should refer to a whole year. It has to be denoted in US$. To avoid legal issues only openly available data can be included.

Do I have to reveal the source of my data information?

Yes. It is important that you indicate the source of your data input firstly to avoid legal issues. Secondly, this information contributes to a high level of transparency and credibility: any input by a novice user can thus be cross-checked and reviewed by mentor users .

What can I do if I have doubts about the credibility of my data input? Can I also enter information I am not completely confident of?

If you are not completely sure about your entry, please choose a low level of confidence.

What do I do if my data information does not fit into the input mask?

If your data information does not fit into our mask, you can use the comment field to add further information.

Which year am I supposed to enter?

Your data input should refer to a whole year. It is this year that you are supposed to indicate here. This year should also be the base year, i.e. the year of reference for the US$ regarding the inflation rate, taxes and other margins. Data inputs that date back to the time before 1990 cannot be considered.

Single data input

How do I select the sector?

You can choose between several sector categories like agriculture, metal products and financial intermediations. Please try to match your entry to one of these sector categories. You can also choose "all sectors" or declare that you do not know the sector. For most of the categories you can also select a subsector if necessary.
Download a list of all possible sectors here.

How do I select the region?

To select a country or subregion you first have to click on one of the countries of the world map. To undo a choice click on the country again. You can then zoom in and/or load subregions of this country. Each country is subdivided into administrative units to allow for a high regional resolution of flows. Please enter your flow at the highest detail possible. You can also choose "all regions" or declare that you do not know the region.
A list of all recognised regions can be found at /api/regions and all subregions are available at /api/regions/XXX where XXX is a 3 letter country code eg. /api/regions/USA returns all subregions (in this case federal states) of the United States.

Data list input

Can I upload data from a file?

Yes. If you want to enter more than a single data input you can upload a csv-file (comma separated text files). The data format is describe in the zeean data format definition . Once your data is prepare accordingly, use the file upload interface to submit your data.

What is an input-output table?

An input-output table is a matrix of economic transactions. An arbitrary matrix entry [i,j] denotes an economic flow from regional sector i to regional sector j. Thus, each column of the table represents a regional sector's input whereas the rows describe their outputs.

How do I upload a matrix of economic flows?

If you want to enter a matrix of economic flows, you can follow use file upload interface. Please bear in mind that your data has to be prepared to in accordance with the zeean data format definition.

Data validation

How is a data input validated and how is the credibility of the zeean database guaranteed?

Along the lines with wikipedia the information posted to zeean is cross-checked and reviewed by other registered users who are assessed according to the quality of their data inputs.

How does the assessment of users work?

At first every registered user has novice status. Users can then gain mentor status which enables them to review data of other users.

How is the matching of conflicting data entries guaranteed?

Coming soon: Open source algorithms and analysis will guarantee the matching of different, possibly contradictory, data entries.

Data processing

What happens with my data input?

Once your data input is reviewed it is included into the the zeean database and thus used by the "explore" visualization tools. You can then see how it improves or enlargens the analysis of the global supply network.

Can I export data from the zeean database?

Please contact us if you want to export data. Coming soon: The exporting procedure will be facilitated.